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The Big Apple!

Dubai – The new Big 🍎!

I have heard this term periodically when living out in the UAE, I truly believe that Dubai it is the big 🍎. I personally have lived in Dubai/Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, I also have visited most of the Emirates in day trips over my time there.

Dubai has become a cosmos 🪐 by itself, like every other BIG 🏙️, it has pros and cons, I absolutely love visiting and spending 2/3 days in Dubai, it is one of the most exciting cities one can visit and possibly live in. You will have access to everything you need, from Music gigs, to sport activities and FOOD 🥐🍞🥯🌮🥡🍔🌭🍚, I am a massive foodie, the food scene in Dubai is AMAZING 💯, you can get anything you want at all possible hours!

This obviously comes at a premium, Dubai has become one of the most expensive 🤑💸💵 cities in the world, it is ranked in the top 30 most expensive cities in the world, it would have scored higher if Dubai wasn’t tax free 🆓.

Dubai is an oasis in the desert 🏝️, it has been constructed out of sheer will 💪 of its leaders and forefathers who has the vision and sight of what it could become. Its located to the East of the Arabian Peninsula and it overviews the Arabian Sea (Persian Sea).

To give you an idea of how diverse🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆 Dubai and the UAE is, the population of Dubai alone is 3.35 Million and about 85% of that number are expatriate. In 1950 the population was 20,000 🤯😱, so you can imagine and appreciate the growth the city has seen. UAE in general and Dubai specifically are very welcoming and accepting of expats and their language, religion, and traditions.

One cant talk about Dubai and the UAE without talking about the weather, around 8 months of the year the weather is phenomenal 🌈, its double digits, the humid is low and you can actually go outside for walks and other activities. Between June – September the weather is unbearably hot, the humidity is almost at 99% with temperatures going as high as 45+ degrees Celsius ♨️☀️🥵.

Tune in to our next blog to know more about the UAE, about cots of living, expectations vs reality and much more

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