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This section is specifically targeted at schools, here you will find a snippet of what Cactus Recruitment offers as recruitment and educational management. 



We are first and foremost here to deliver quality Service in delivering an end to end recruitment service. We aim to understand your needs as a school, the cultural aspect, your ambitions, and long term plans. Once we get the full picture we aim to market your requirements accordingly, we aim to go through the pains of searching, headhunting, creating long lists and shortlists, we aim to get you candidates which will meet your needs and expectations; our personal aim is to do this from the first or second candidate. 



HOW would this help my school grow? 

Excellent question, as an ex-educator there are many things to work on a daily basis, the last thing you want to do is add more to your workload, hence our aim is to spend the time to understand your ethos, your long term plans, and what are your growing pains. We will shorten the time you spend on recruitment, you will only receive relevant profiles that should meet your expectations by at least 95%-99%. You will only need to interview and the final decision is yours whether you want to take on the candidate. 


As recruiters, our trademark is we are experienced in our markets, relatable to candidates and clients, passionate about delivering successful profiles and success stories.



WHO are you? 

We are a boutique recruitment and staffing agency, we have agents who are familiar with the cultural aspects in various regions, such as Europe, Middle East, South East, and Far East Asia. We speak multiple languages which help in understanding the client's needs. 



From our logo and name, Cactus represents the following: 

  • Cactus is durable

  • Cactus is sharp - we are always on it

  • Cactus has a protective shell - we will protect your details

  • Cactus is there when you need it most - water in the desert

  • Cactus is adaptable - we can provide help in many parts of the world

  • Green colour - is reassuring and calm under pressure



Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Team by emailing


Cactus Recruitment 


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