We are a boutique recruitment and staffing agency, we have agents who are familiar with the cultural aspects in various regions, such as the Middle East, South East, and Far East Asia. We speak multiple languages which help in understanding the client's needs. 



From our logo and name, Cactus represents the following: 

  • Cactus is durable - building lasting relationships

  • Cactus is smart - we are focused on achieving success

  • Cactus has a protective shell - secure - we will protect your details

  • Cactus is there when you need it most - water in the desert

  • Cactus is adaptable - we can provide help in many parts of the world

  • Green colour - is reassuring and calm under pressure



Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our team by emailing us at info@cactusrecruitment.com



Best Regards

Cactus Recruitment