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Being EASY is a good thing!

Today we will be continuing our topic from last week's entry, how to catch the hiring managers’ attention and get that interview booked to demonstrate your skills.

Well, we talked about how to start writing your CV. Once you have gone through your education, and experience and wrote down some pointers and bullet points, then you will need to think about how to layout it out in an EASY-to-read format. As mentioned, you will have a maximum of 20-30 seconds ⏰ for the hiring manager's attention. If you make it difficult to read and the hiring manager is under pressure (they tend to all be under pressure 🥵) to deliver results and they would need to go through 100s of profiles then they will have a checklist which they will be looking for. YOU will need to make it EASY 🥳for them to find those points.

First look at the type of jobs 💼 you are applying for, what do they usually need as BASIC requirements to get through the initial screening, use the words which will highlight your points immediately. Keep to short bullet points. If you have more than 5 years of experience, you DO NOT NEED to go into TOO MUCH detail about what modules you studied, focus on the skills you have developed in the years of experience you have achieved so far.

Moving to your experience section, again use bullet points, try to keep to either 3/5/7 bullet points, if you absolutely have to then add more, however, don’t list every skill you have learned, only the important ones, for example, if you are an SW engineer, the job is looking to recruit a python expert then don’t list you are fluent in .net if it is important then it will pop up in the interview.

Many people ask me how long should the cover letter be? Well, tune in to the next week’s entry.

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