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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Kuwait is one of the countries that is very unique in its social structure re. Kuwait is a small country located at the end of the Arabian Gulf, it Neighbours Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Kuwait is remarkable literary speaking it’s a country built from the desert, it homes about 4.5 million citizens and expatriate. Kuwaiti Nationals make up about 28%-32% of the total population, the rest are all expatriates which makes Kuwait a unique and exciting place to be.

Fireworks, Kuwait, Towers, waterfront

Their Currency is one of the most expensive compared to most, Kuwait has about 10% of the world Oil reserve, which makes it one of the richest countries in the world.

Why should one go and work in Kuwait?

Variety of pickled olives, displayed in a pyramid style in a white bowl.

Besides the fact, the pay is higher compared to other countries in the GCC it offers a unique Arabic fused with internationalism. Kuwait has some of the most open markets, in one day you can walk into one market which amazing spices from across the globe, you will also find markets full of trinkets and treasures. You will also find markets that will have exotic Indian, Pakistani, and Iranian products.

The other good thing about Kuwait, their contracts are mostly 1 year on your first year and then renewable every two years, this is especially good because it gives you the chance to experience it for one year without long term commitments.

You will get the opportunity to work along with some amazing and most humble people, Kuwaitis are humble and considerate in their approach, they are very much considered entrepreneurs.

One cant write about Kuwait and doesn't mention the glorious sun and temperature, if you love the heat and sun all year round, Kuwait is the place for you, you are almost guaranteed double digits (in celsius) all year round. Because of this, Kuwait is well equipped with cooling technology, everywhere you go will have an AC and cool breeze blowing through.

The petrol will cost you around 7 dollars to fill up your car, the cost of living is moderate or even cheap if you join the locals in their daily shopping and restaurants.

One of the major differences in Kuwait, it a dry country, meaning there is no alcohol anywhere in the country, hence entertainment will be quite different, I personally had a group of friends where we used to socialize and it almost always ends being a house party and private. You can unleash your inner DJ, entertainer, or even try your hand at stand-up comedy.

Kuwait is well connected by air and it's only1-2 hours away from the gorgeous beaches of Thailand and Malaysia, only an hour away from the ancient ruins and historical city of Istanbul.

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