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How to Catch the Hiring Manager

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We will be changing the topic today, we will be starting a series of how to optimise your profiles, your resume, your Curriculum Vitae.

The most important thing you should think about when you start writing your CV is that the recruiter/hiring manager will typically spend on average 20 seconds going through your resume, it is an absolute must you keep everything clear and to the point (DO NOT WAFFLE)!!!

My advice would be, keep it simple and minimalist don't list EVERYTHING you've ever done on your CV.

To start with, write down your education background, keep them brief don’t list everything you done at university (especially if you have more than 5 years of experience), maybe just your highlights in your last year.

Then move one to the experience sections, again you should start with your current or most recent job and work your way background. DO NOT INCLUDE irrelevant information, for example if you are an engineer the employer doesn’t need to know that you were working as a hedge trimmer during university.

To summarise:

1- Keep things short and sweet. #tothepoint

2- CVs should be more than 2/3 sides long

3- Include only relevant information for the job you are applying to and your career direction

According to The Guardian, don’t make your CV too long and over state the many skills, accomplishments or achievements.

Surprised Man in front of a laptop
My inbox has 999 emails!

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes, they tend to read through 10s to 100s of CVs a day, I can speak from experience at busy times we had to review over 200 CVs in one afternoon.

Land your dream job!

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