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Updated: Jan 22

I would like to start by saying Happy New Year to everyone I am personally looking forward to 2021, yes, it is that time already, where did 2020 go, I am personally thankful that the year has ended and everyone close to me are all relatively in good health and more importantly still ALIVE! 🎊

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Now lets talk more about being ALIVE, there is no better time to set new goals to achieve for 2021 which is promised to be a turning point for everyone from a COVID perspective. I don’t know about you but when it comes to goals for me traveling ✈🛳 is right at the top of the list.

From my personal experience, the best way to deliver on my traveling 🌏 ambitions is to work abroad and get to experience the different cultures first hand, so far, I have managed to visit and live in 36 countries, some of these countries I have lived in for weeks and months, other were years!

The best way to start is to write a list which will help to clarify what are your goals, go through each point more than once and visualise what the point actually means, make sure that is what you are hoping to achieve, then break each one down into a bitesize chunk which is manageable.

We will talk about travel and work, here at Cactus Recruitment each one of our consultants will have their own list and number of countries and cultures they would like to visit and experience, so to turn these into bitesize chunks, break down the countries into clusters which are geographically close to one other, once that’s down then go to the map and find which countries can be considered to be middle ground between these clusters.

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Your aim is to find a country where you can spend a good number of months (Possibly years) so you can find a job and this will be your HQ/Hub to travel from. This way you get to be an hour or so away from your MOST of your favourite travel destinations.

Stay tuned for more information through our website

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